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"Next month I make a year since I decided to join CrossFit in the morning and go to the gym at night....I am so happy with myself and I have so much energy. It's all worth it and for the better!"



"9 months into CrossFit 46.6 lbs weight loss. There are plenty of distractions keeping us from fulfilling our full fitness potential.....Thanks to my coaches for helping me and thanks Mickey for all the morning classes..I appreciate the amount of time you've spent meeting with me at the gym...Thanks Anthony for all the Saturday classes and motivation for high intensity workout I can say CrossFit is my stress buster, it helped me to overcome my stress and depression"  


Syd (OUTAthlete)

"I'm grateful for everything OUTAthlete does for the community and me personally! I've made amazing lifelong friends and connections from this program. I'm also grateful to CrossFit Rectify (now CrossFit TMC) who provided support and a welcoming environment during my time there!"

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